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Download free games - Pool Play pool games at Billyard - online pool club.
Go to Live Billiards developer page
Live Billiards Deluxe Free Live Billiards download (7.1M) Virtual Online Pool Club - Live Billiards - download full games
    The utmost 3D pool game. Perfect ball physics, cool graphics, sounds, network play. It features 8 ball, 9 ball, 14+1, Straight Pool, Pyramid, American, Rotation and secret DeathMatch pool games! Play pool online at BillYard club with players worlwide!
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Download free games - Strategy
Go to SeaWar2: The Battleship game developer page
Sea War: The Battles 2 Free Battleship download (3.5M)
   Excellent graphics, impressive 3D explosion and smoke effects - it's the greatest! Sink to dangerous world of naval battles and drown enemy fleet. Battleship game looks like beautiful toy and causes desire to play again and again. Four episodes, network games, embedded chat and unforgettable gameplay.
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Download free games - Action
Go to PackQuest 3D game developer page
PacQuest 3D Free PacQuest download (4.2M)
  Kill monsters by magic Fire Ball, Power Shield and Trap Mine! Quty, a young village boy, willy-nilly embarks on a quest and has to return home. A good wizard Dulcis Domus puts him to the journey on mystical world of 16 planets, populated by dread creatures. Encourage yourself to fight against dreadful Legocefals and terrible Eyekensteins, who want to stop you. Dive yourself into the faery world.

Download free games - Puzzle
Go to MaJewels game developer page MaJewels game Free MaJewels demo download (2.8M)
  The newest sequel of stone-puzzle game like Bejeweled and Diamond Mine! Genuine HEX 9*9 board brings remarkable charm of novelty. Swap jewels to align and remove them from the board, create chain avalanche and score more. An addictive game and one of most popular one last year now in deluxe, downloadable version.
Go to Ever Mahjongg game developer page Ever MahJong Free EverMajjong demo download (4M)
  Nnew genuine 3-dimensional Mahjong sequel. User friendly interface, relaxing atmosphere, highly adjustable gamefield and background distinguish this game from others. Newest original layouts, 8 tilesets, 27 panorama pictures, 3 3D-rooms, 2 tables, 16 helpers and 4 tile removing effects.
Go to Kremlin Puzzle 3D developer page Kremlin Puzzle 3D Free Kremlin 3D demo download (3.2M)
  Kremlin Puzzle is a beautifil 3D constructor game. It can serve as an exciting meccano for both kids and adults.There are six nice objects, prototyped from Moscow Kremlin theme - Kremlin Towers, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon. They are divided into pieces, from which you have to assemble the whole object in 3D space.
Go to Tangram 3D game developer page Tangram 3D Free Tangram 3D demo download (2.6M)
  Borned in China, it conquers hearts and minds of both emperors and commoners all over mysterious China. Currently Tangram puzzles continue to attract people and remains favourite puzzle of modern ages... More than 300 puzzles to solve, 7 and 14 pieces sets.

Download free games - Arcade
Go to Digger 2000 game developer page Digger 2000 Free Digger demo download (3.6M)
   If you have played DOS Digger and remember those bubbling, if you are eager to resume this excitement under your new Windows - this game is your choice. Multiplayer mode includes Local, Cooperative and Digger Arena modes, that adds more adrenaline to gameplay. Play full games by registering the game. Free game downloads.
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